You Can't Joke About That

Why Everything is Funny, Nothing is Sacred, and We’re All in This Together

Kat Timpf - You Can't Joke About That


Kat Timpf is a writer, comedian, and libertarian commentator. She’s currently the co-host of “Gutfeld!” on Fox News weeknights at 10 p.m. and a Fox News analyst. She’s also the author of the New York Times bestseller "You Can’t Joke About That: Why Everything is Funny, Nothing is Sacred, and We’re All in This Together."

Kat is a prolific writer, having worked as a columnist for National Review for nearly six years. She’s also worked at Campus Reform, The Washington Times, Barstool Sports, and of course, Boston Market. She’s no stranger to the stage, either: The national tour of her comedy live show, “You Can’t Joke About That LIVE,” sold out in theaters all around the country.

Kat stands out in a sea of pundits because of her libertarian perspective and use of comedy and satire to get her no-nonsense points across -- even landing her on Variety’s New Power of New York list in 2023. While she is steadfast in her strong libertarian beliefs, Kat is a firm believer in the power of conversations to bridge gaps, political or otherwise. Kat loves connecting with people across the country and around the world and talking about the things that are on everyone’s minds, but no one's lips. And she is sure to do so with a great deal of respect and humor.

She currently lives in New York City with her husband Cam, their dog Carl, and her cat Cheens.

Kat Timpf - You Can't Joke About That


Why Everything Is Funny, Nothing Is Sacred, And We're All In This Together


What happens when we can’t joke about some of the most important stuff in life?

In a 2019 study, 40% of people reported censoring themselves out of fear that voicing their views would alienate them from the people they care about most. Those people should probably not read this book in public.

In You Can’t Joke About That, Kat Timpf shows why much of the way we talk about sensitive subjects is wrong. We’ve created all the wrong rules. We push ourselves into unnecessary conflicts when we should feel like we’re all in this together. When someone says “you can’t joke about that,” what they really mean is “this is a subject that makes people sad or angry.”

Hilariously and movingly, Timpf argues that those subjects are actually the most important to joke about. She shows us we can find healing through humor regarding things you probably don't want to bring up in polite conversation, like traumatic break-ups, cancer, being broke, Dave Chappelle, rape jokes, aging, ostomy bags, religion, body image, dead moms, religion, the lab leak theory, transgender swimmers, gushing wounds, campus censorship, and bad Christmas presents.

This book is Kat Timpf with her hair down, except since hers is mostly extensions, this book is Kat Timpf with her hair out. Read it because you want to get to know her better. Read it because it’s the best book on free speech and comedy in a generation. Read it because you want to laugh out loud… even at the kind of stuff we’re afraid to say out loud. Just read it, and you’ll be glad you did.



The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts

Hartford, CT
5:00 pm


Feb 7, 2024

Kat's tour has been selling out from coast to coast, and she just added more cities. Don’t miss your chance to see the FINAL leg of the “You Can't Joke About That LIVE” tour! Tickets are on sale on February 9 for Roanoke, VA, Tucson, AZ, and Syracuse, NY. February 12 FOR Lynchburg, VA AND February 20 for Scottsdale, AZ. Come on out baby and LFG!!!!


Nov 28, 2023

IT'S FINALLY HERE BABY! First merch drop is live NOW! Beanies, shirts, koozies, totes... just in time for Christmas! Or for buying for yourself to feel a hit of dopamine. Shop Now!


Nov 8, 2023

Kat headlines the NY Comedy Fest with her hilarious nationwide hit, "You Can't Joke About That - LIVE!". The show begins at 8pm at The Venue at the Hard Rock Hotel. Limited tickets are available here!



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